AIR JORDAN 2, The Forgotten Classic

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        With the birth of AIR JORDAN 1, the market has responded enthusiastically. NIKE sold the second generation of Michael Jordan's signature shoe, AIR JORDAN 2 (AJ2), in November 1986.







      AIR JORDAN 2 is a basketball shoe designed by Peter Moore (AJ1 designer) and Bruce Kilgore (AF1 designer). AJ2 has a great change in the exterior design and traditional sneaker design concept. It adopts the French fashion design concept and takes the simple design concept as the main feature. The material used for the upper is made of Italian-made artificial lizard skins because this technology is controlled in Italy, so the AJ2 production process is also produced in Italy. NIKE's customary Swoosh hook LOGO is directly removed from the side of the shoe, while the AIR JORDAN's flying wing LOGO is retained at the tongue position, making the appearance of the shoes look more stylish and simple. It is worth mentioning that the AJ2 is also the last time to retain the AIR JORDAN Flying Wing LOGO logo but until this year's release of the AJ32 in order to pay tribute to the AJ2, on the tongue once again show flying LOGO logo.





       AJ2 is a combination of fashion and basketball, but also for the AJ series of shoe sneakers appearance trend.





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