Air Jordan 31 Low Reviews

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If a pair of shoes can't point to where to hit, any other good performance is useless. Due to the lack of grip, the Air Jordan 31 has become an unwearable pair of shoes for a breakthrough runner, and even four-dimensional shooters fear three points.


In addition to abandoning the high-top design, the Air Jordan 31 Low is basically the same material as the Air Jordan 31: the top half is a Flyweave vamp, while the bottom half is a piece of faux leather. In fact, this kind of shoes before and after the body concept of different materials four-dimensional like it very much, forefoot due to frequent mobile and quick response to demand, material cannot be too stiff, this Flyweave vamp from Air Jordan 29 start do well; The rear part needs better support and stability, so it is advisable to adopt stronger artificial leather. Do not know because be PE version of reason, the heel of 4 dimensions this pair of artificial leather feels very good, do not have cheap feeling. There was no shoe-pressing problem during the play, which proved that the overall use of the material is still in place.

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The Flightspeed support board is a trick Jordan Brand has been using for four years and can be said to be quite adept at. Air Jordan 31 Low continues the high-top midsole configuration, using Flightspeed to unlock Zoom's elasticity to the maximum extent, based on the full-palm Zoom Air cushion. How about real feet? To be honest, from the foot feels speaking, this pair of shoes all zhang Unlocked Zoom feel than the first three generations, even sometimes stomping on will not let you forget the existence of the air cushion. In fact, siwei thinks this is a good thing. The presence of the all-palm Zoom makes the cushioning more even, but also ensures the sense of place for the whole pair of shoes. Also known, 4 d don't like too soft shoes when playing, and the Air Jordan and Low in sense of the field and reached a balance between damping protection, played the ball without redundant ache, the legs and feet four dimensional stingless can pick.


When it comes to land grabs that people care about the most, has Air Jordan 31 Low made any changes in land grabs? Four dimensions think there is. Because test ground is smooth wooden floor, dirt also is more, 4 dimensional to grasp ground performance originally did not hold too big expectation. After a few rounds of testing, however, the Air Jordan 31 Low grip didn't disappoint. Yes, the phenomenon of eating ash on the bottom of the crystal is still very serious. If conditions permit, it is recommended to wipe more when stopping the ball. However, even when eating ash, the Air Jordan 31 Low's grip performance is generally pretty good, with no forward thrust during a quick stop and no skidding from the side. However, due to Unlocked the existence of the Zoom, the sole had to draw strip grooves, lead to air cushion part is more prominent. So the Air Jordan 31 Low's true touchdown area is actually quite small, which makes it possible to feel the shoe turning sideways when braking too hard. In addition, Air Jordan and Low outsole grip than high help version called revenge, although not the "top", but the absolute "good enough", fill in the high help version recognized one of the biggest weakness.

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The Flyweave shoe at the front has a modest amount of padding under it to fill the space between the toes, and Nike's already handy Flyweave wire does its job. In the high-top version, the front palm part is wider, and there will be some space between the two sides. If you don't wear thick socks, it will be more obvious. In the low-top version, the front shoe has a smaller space inside the shoe, although it doesn't look obvious, but it's actually a bonus to the front shoe. Air Jordan 31 Low has a bit of a heel rub when you first put it on, which is a bit unnatural, but after about half an hour of grinding, it's not uncomfortable. Worry Low help shoes heel is loose friend don't need to worry, Air Jordan and Low heel lock is very strong, as long as the shoes lace to the last hole, the whole shoes package can be guaranteed.

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In terms of support, the Flyweave weave used on the Air Jordan 31 Low is not as soft as the Flyknit and is not as stretchy as the Flyknit. When Air Jordan 31 Low was compared with KD 9 in four dimensions, it was perceived that the former's vamp was more supportive. Although the Flyknit shoes of KD 9 had a high degree of comfort, they were also less able to resist deformation. At the same time, the Air Jordan 31 Low is much closer to the ground than the KD 9, and the chassis is wider, which partly makes up for the lack of floor area and the possible instability of the sole. Like most low-top sneakers, the Air Jordan 31 Low adds a hidden TPU stabilizer to the heel to help lock the heel. Four dimensions once said Harden Vol. 1 is now Low help shoes in support of the textbook, Air Jordan 31 Low, actually very close to that level, but use Unlocked Zoom caused by congenital disadvantage or make it from the top sent half step.


There are few pairs of high-end sneakers that wear well, and the Air Jordan 31 Low is no exception. The Air Jordan 31 Low has a shallower tread, USES softer rubber, and follows an interior shoe line. If used for cement, asphalt, poor quality plastic such as the site, the short life can be expected. If you go outside with a pair of sneakers labeled "inside" and complain that they don't wear well, it's your problem. Again, any shoe can be used for outfield play, but it's just a matter of longevity. If have the condition, still be in indoor wood floor or high quality plastic ground is used for go up.

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The Air Jordan 31 Low version is better because the ankle isn't covered with so much padding. However, the padding under the Flyweave in the front and the lack of a traditional mesh breathable tongue are the main culprits.


If you want to put the shoes into substitute, starting, all-star, superstar these levels, the Air Jordan all-star level is 31 already, but the lack of grip makes it super stars always bad breath. May be Jordan Brand heard the user complaints and changed the outsole rubber components, Air Jordan and Low grip have a qualitative leap, this also makes it a four dimensional heart one of the few super huge level of tennis shoes. In addition, the shoes are also beautiful in shape, which is a good choice for summer sunrise street.

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